For Direct Insurers

A Direct Insurer has mainly two ways of obtaining cover, namely:

  1. Reinsurer or reinsurance Broker
  2. PROSPRIUS, an MGA Company, who not only offers innovative solutions and optimization services for its customers, but also works with most of the best-known reinsurers around the world

PROSPRIUS consistently performs its services in a professional manner and is willing to build strong partnerships with Direct Insurers, who meet the following criteria:

Direct Insurance Companies

  • With established Special-Risks, Entertainment and Contingency portfolios, seeking a knowledgeable/specialized partner and/or additional reinsurance capacity
  • Wishing to diversify their portfolio and to deploy capacity into a specialized area
  • Desiring a reinsurance partner, who concentrates its efforts solely in these specialized areas and for specific clients
  • With limited Special-Risks know-how, needing Special-Risks expertise to look after their target clients