For Reinsurance Co’s / Reinsurance Brokers

A Reinsurer and/or Reinsurance Broker mainly has two possibilities to obtain the best services for their Special-Risks business with an experienced and reinsurance-savvy business partner:

  1. Co. Reinsurer, with special know-how in this field
  2. PROSPRIUS, a reinsurance MGA Company, who offers innovative solutions and optimization services for its customers, has broad network connections within the Entertainment/Contingency market worldwide and has an experienced management and lead Underwriter

PROSPRIUS consistently performs its services in a professional manner and is willing to build strong partnerships with Reinsurers and/or Reinsurance Brokers, who meet the following criteria:

Reinsurance Companies – as Capacity Providers for the PROSPRIUS Special-Risks programme

  • Looking for diversification of their existing portfolio
  • Unwilling to invest time and money to build-up their own Special-Risks knowledge and/or team
  • Looking for an efficient and flexible cost-structure for offering Special-Risks business
  • Wishing to offer their key clients additional services for Special-Risks LoB’s
  • Seeking an experienced business partner for Special-Risks business

Reinsurance Brokers

  • Offering and placing tailor-made products and coverages (mostly including related Risk Management) from a Direct Insurer with special know-how in this field
  • Having an international client-base, as well as existing international programmes
  • Requiring a fast, client-orientated service
  • Requiring experienced underwriters/counterparts, who provide a professional exchange of ideas/views