For Brokers / Direct MGA

In order to obtain the services they are looking for on behalf of their customer, direct Brokers and/or MGAs may use one of the following options to receive coverage and/or capacity for their Special-Risks needs:

Via Direct Insurance and/or its agents, who have special know-how in this field
PROSPRIUS, an MGA Company, who offers innovative solutions and optimization services for its customers*

PROSPRIUS consistently performs its services in a professional manner and is willing to build strong partnerships with Brokers/direct MGAs who meet the following criteria:

  • Offering and placing tailor-made products and coverage (mostly including related Risk Management)
  • Having an international client-base, as well as existing international programmes
  • Requiring a fast, client-orientated service
  • Requiring experienced underwriters/counterparts, who provide a professional exchange of ideas/views
  • Covering most of the local small and middle-sized (day-to-day) business
  • Having experienced underwriters and, very often, excellent local contacts
  • Needing additional capacity for bigger risks and/or special coverage
  • Capacity and/or premiums matching local, current market terms and conditions

*via fronting