What PROSPRIUS offers


Specialized, existing network within the Entertainment/Contingency market worldwide (direct- and reinsurance, specialty brokers and agents, organizers, associations, agencies, etc.), whom they have dealt with successfully over the past 25 years.


Experienced management and lead underwriter, who has successfully written these classes over the past three decades.


Standardized Entertainment/Contingency covers for organizers and/or associations and/or companies in the Sport and Entertainment sector, as well as tailor-made products and individual coverage on request.


Offers entry to the worldwide niche markets

Professional service and administration as well as a flexible cost structure offer alternative and financially efficient access for clients and capacity providers to the worldwide niche market.
Bundled capacity allows PROSPRIUS to assume a leadership role in establishing terms and conditions for traditional as well as new/individual Contingency products – providing a positive influence on the competitive market environment.

Reputation and Efficiency

Professional, responsible and selective underwriting by a highly motivated team and lead underwriter, with acknowledged industry-leading business acumen over more than three decades and who have an excellent reputation among clients and competitors alike. PROSPRIUS focuses on target clients and professional business providers with proven positive track records and growth potential. We deliver rapid, real-time communication and excellent service as a professional partner. 


Concentric diversification for re-/insurers and partners in the insurance industry via new LoB’s (Lines of Business) and geographical spread. Diversification of risk through additional/new portfolio(s) of Specialty business as well as profit and loss sharing with partners within the insurance community.


PROSPRIUS is based on expertise. The lead-underwriter has more than 30 years of active experience in the international direct and reinsurance markets and relies on his proven technical skills and market knowledge within a large, existing network. Cooperation and regular contact/exchange with leaders, specialized underwriting agencies, brokers as well as external experts and associations, guarantee high quality standards. In short, the PROSPRIUS team represent an experienced business partner as well as recognized leader in client services.